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July will see mini-chapter meetings all over the state!

Posted over 1 year ago by Lynda Tiefel

We are asking each member to have a meeting in their town (maybe at a local cafe) or in their workgroup (in the conference room).  Each small group use the same agenda and someone from the group can email informal minutes of the discussions and or join us at the August phone conference with short report.
Here is the shared agenda:

    Promote Symposium-September 6th, flyer to be distributed soon

    Working with advocates

    Improving cohesiveness of Forensic nurses in Florida

    Lottery for members to be reimbursed for education

    Other local issues and suggestions
We do need to publish the local events.  Send an email to iafnflorida@gmail.com with the information or post on the Facebook page (unless it's scheduled in a location without public access).


Lynda Tiefel about 1 year ago

Tallahassee had our meeting 7/25!

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